enter the happy pills

Maybe you remember my last encounter with the psychiatrist? Maybe you weren't here then and have to go back and read that. You can do that now, I'll give you a little time. But if you already don't like psychiatrists and are scared to go to one maybe you shouldn't ;)

Anyways, I went back again today. Yeah, I know, not the smartest idea maybe. But fact is that I was on the verge of losing it, and since my wife didn't need her appointment she handed it over to me. Turns out that woman still doesn't like me and I still felt like I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide while I was in there. It's really not good if you don't get along with your psych-lady. And since she's also treating my wife she said some bullshit about not wanting to treat both parts of a couple. I told her that we both go to our respective therapists when we have couple issues but she was adamant. I  think she just needed a reason other than "I don't fucking like you". She gave me the name of a psychiatrist who she thinks might be a good fit for me. And in fact, a friend of mine goes to him and this friend is basically my sister from another mother so I think he might actually be the right doctor for me too.

Fortunately, she also prescribed some anti-depressants of which I have now taken the first half pill. And now we wait.

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