unraveling issues

There's never just one thing, is there? They always come in threes or fours - whether they're good things, bad things, or just undefinable things. With me it's always my health. I feel like I should be in much better shape considering I'm not even thirty yet. But my body has issues. A bunch of them.

I've always had bad eyesight but I'm fairly okay with that. But I have IBS. And ADHD. And minor injuries quickly turn chronic - which is why my knee is still fucked up and I have heel spurs that hurt like fucking hell in the morning, making me wobble instead of walk for a couple of minutes. Plus recently I've been having some headaches and my left eye has been hurting a bit.

Sure, none of my issues are life-threatening, but they add up to a very annoying lack of functionality in my body. And it's never enough. There's always something else that gets added to the list. Like today: My optometrist was worried about my field of vision. The reason for that could be high prolactin levels which can be a multitude of things. None of them as far as I can tell are disastrous - tumors of that kind are usually benevolent etc. And high levels of prolactin would explain some of the PMS issues I've been having. But I've also read that prolactin levels have to do with dopamine levels which leads back to the ADHD.


That turns it into a big ass ball of yarn that I have to unravel. You never know where a new issue starts and where the side effects of various medications end. And I am so sick of having to do that - unraveling my body's failings, running from doctor to doctor. And today I feel like whining because they put drops in my eyes that make me eyesight wonky and my head ache and I just want to be healthy, please.


So I need to get my prolactin levels checked by my gynecologist in January. Start to unravel that ball of yarn... and then the next one...

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