Running up the hill

I think this has been my first week as a "normal" person. My new meds (Strattera) seem to have begun their work because I have been up by 8 most days this week. Honestly, I'm running like a well-oiled machine, keeping the flat in check, writing, working, working through my to do box, organising social activities, getting out of the house. The only thing I still suck at is organising doctor's appointments; I keep and keep pushing those tasks back into my to do box. It's eerie.

Too much inactivity is unbearable now, I have to get up and do something. Also eerie in a way. The upside to that is I've been watching a lot less TV. This new ability to focus on things is a dream. Conversations lie within the possible! And my brain doesn't turn into the twilight zone while I'm in the process of doing something. I'm even handling setbacks (car trouble) a lot better.

That being said I can do without them, so please keep your fingers crossed for me - I'm waiting to find out whether my Batesian treatment will make it onto the shortlist. (We should know by 11/30.)

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