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  1. I, in fact, believe that a mother should look out for her offspring. When you have children you have an obligation to them. You are supposed to feed them, clothe them and then the hard part: support and nurture them.
    I assume having children means a lot of sacrifice to your own life and wants, but that's the price you pay and - most of the time - willingly so.

    Maybe at some point you feel you want part of your life back. The children have moved out and you can live your own life again and you want to do that to the fullest.

    But in absolutely no way does that entitle you to let your children pay - quite literally - for your own decision to have them. Life is not a loan. You don't get everything you need to grow up to then pay back with interest. Life is supposed to be free in that respect.

    So I'm proud of you for keeping up straight and standing up to your mother. By giving birth she did not aquire the right to your life.

    You cannot blame yourself for her not taking the help you offered her time and time again. Now that door is closed and you need to protect yourself first. You can still hope she comes around at some point. But that will take a while.
    Until then you need to take care of yourself if she won't do it.
    And, lucky you, you have friends and other family in your corner, helping you.

  2. Thanks, love. I know I have my friends and my chosen family, which includes them and you. But in fact, I have no "original" family left/in my corner. And that's pretty shocking to me. btw: I called your mom to see if she was home tomorrow and if I could "borrow" her hehe