Bunny sick, humans crazy exhausted

Sammy, our bunny, has been very sick. For two weeks, more or less, he hasn't really been eating. They've done loads of tests and can find nothing physically wrong with him. He's just not eating, and he's quite lethargic too. It's not the teeth. His bloodwork came back clear.

For the past week we've been force-feeding him every three hours (four hours during the night). Finn has done most of the work since she had Friday off and didn't just start a new job like I did.

That job isn't helping either by the way. The boss is the type that wants people not to have a personal life. He's also constantly implying people – i.e. me, among others – are "unstable". He has no respect for personal space. It's not a great place to work. I knew this in my gut when I accepted the job but we really need the money so I did anyway. Especially with the vet costs now.

Today at the vet's Sammy got some cortisol, and it tentatively looks like it might be doing some good. He accepted some parsley and a salad leaf, and I saw him munching on about five strands of hay. It's not enough. It's a pleasant surprise since I expected us to come home from the vet sans bunny today, but it's not enough. Nowhere near out of the woods.

Keep your fingers crossed, please, we can use some luck here.
And some energy because we are so so exhausted.


  1. So...how is the little rabbit doing?

  2. Maria, thanks for asking. Yes, Sam is fine again. The cortisol worked, the second shot he got made it even better, and he's been eating and frolicking around again. We are very happy and relieved, and slowly getting over all the tired too.