I need to take a page out of the vulnerability/shame book and say something I'm dreading to admit. But maybe admitting it, being this vulnerable, will change things.

I don't know when it happened but I've turned into an arrogant person. I've been looking down on people and it's been ruining a lot of things for me.

It's why I didn't make any friends in film school.
It's why I haven't made any friends where I work at the moment.
And it's probably why I have been hemorrhaging people over the past handful of years.

I realise most of my arrogance comes from a place of extreme self-doubt but that's no excuse.

If I've been an arrogant bastard to you, please, accept my absolutely heartfelt apology.
Maybe you can find it in you to give me another shot; to find out I'm really not that high-and-mighty person I've been coming across as.

And, please, know that I will be working on bettering my behaviour.
Thank you.

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  1. I've never found you arrogant. I have found you to be...mindful. There is a difference.