Food Forgotten - Tonks and Lupin get down and dirty in my first fanfic

I have a blog post planned for tomorrow. Well, it has yet to be written, which is a challenge in itself that my blogpost tomorrow (if it actually gets written) shall explain. Confused yet? Thought so...

Anyhow, if you fancy some relaxation you could always read my first fanfic which I penned today. It's Harry Potter, more precisely it's a Remus/Tonks one shot of about 3,500 words and it's fluffy and awkward and sweet and angsty and of course it has some smut as well. Tehee, my mind... it is a dirty, smut filled place and I like it that way, thank you very much.

Here it is: Food Forgotten

I hope you like it, it has been beta-read so all kinds of major and minor mistakes have been ironed out, rectified or ignored for artistic purposes. No but seriously, it should be pretty much mistake-free and very readable. You would not believe the stuff I have read over the past couple of weeks in the lands of fanfic. Nasty nasty grammar-less mistake-ridden things. Mine is not like that. I am way too much of a grammar nerd to let that happen. Just saying.

So before I ramble on forever: Let me know how you like it by reviewing here or on, favourite it, share it, love it, tweet it, treasure it, be turned on by it etc. And show me some lurve, my self-esteem will thank you ;) And in case you can't tell from my excitement: I immensely enjoyed writing it.

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