Almost home

We're leaving tomorrow. One night's sleep, a couple of hours of walking around Brooklyn, about 13 hours of travel. And then we're home.
I'll miss the diversity here. The non-judgmentalness. The choice in supermarkets and department stores.
I will definitely not miss the air conditioning - bloody hell, has that been making me sick - or the lack of healthy food. TV commercials.

There's pros and cons to everything I guess.
But I have been looking forward to home for a few days now, mostly really because of the A.C. to which I seem to be quite allergic. At least the only thing helping me are anti-allergy meds. My nose is still stuffy and my throat still aches but at least the meds keep me from exploding into a ridiculous amount of sneezes every five minutes.

BTW, we came with two moderately filled suitcases and are leaving with three. Clothes, shoes, sweets mostly. Oh my...

Oh and I'll fucking miss this hammock I'm currently swinging in, in our hotel room. Sigh.

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  1. I had a friend who lived in Brooklyn for many years and we loved visiting her. Now, she lives in Harlem and we enjoy that just as much.

    I have never, ever heard of a hammock in a hotel room. Ever.