I do do stuff

Contrary to my own opinion I do get things done. For example today I did about 30 minutes of yoga. I did half a pull-up, which is one more than I could do four days ago when we got the bar and put it up in the door to our office. = success! I ate a Vegemite cheese sandwich and watched Brothers & Sisters. I cleaned the loo. I researched video cameras and may have found the one. And I gave myself a haircut.

No blood was shed! I am very happy about my decision to use scissors this time. When I use razor blades I always manage to cut my hair-holding-hand with them which is very annoying since
a) I'm not a cutter so this doesn't get me anywhere and
b) I always end up looking like I tried to sacrifice a virgin for a good haircut. (It is hard to come by those. Good haircuts, I mean. But probably also virgins.)

Eventful day, huh? And it's not even 2 pm yet. The really exciting stuff is still ahead of me. Skype date with a good friend. Tap dancing. Lunch!

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