"A Girl Walks Into A Bar" movie - there's a flaw in your plan

First Hollywood Movie Made For Screening on YouTube!
Imagine my glee at this news.
So I watch the trailer. I'm thinking, hey this looks promising, funny, they got some good people for this instead of a bunch of B- to C-listers. I'm thinking, I'd like to watch that when it's released. Then the little YouTube pop-up shows up telling me to click here if I want to watch the whole movie. I'm thinking, awesome, I can watch it right now.

I click on over to YouTube, and it looks exciting:

I'm a little giddy. After all, I'm about to watch the first Hollywood movie released on YouTube. This is the revolution! A new era has begun!

But no, getting the microwave popcorn ready would be premature (it's a good thing I didn't waste those lovely buttered corn kernels) since a click on the play button brings up no credits, no intro, no music, no A-list actors but this:

After the sight before it's a bit like staring into an abyss, the abyss of being second class to Americans when it comes to entertainment, always. I've gotten used to these types of messages on Hulu and other sites, which is not to say that I condone it or accept it, but... you know, I've come to expect it.

But the absurdity of seeing this message instead of a movie that has been produced to be shown online throws me. Last time I checked, the internet was universal - or at least it was still pretending to be. But making a movie for online viewage and then not making it available it to all the people online is completely perverse. 

Dear people who made A Girl Walks Into A Bar, I'd really like to know what you were thinking when you decided not to make the movie online but not universally available. Honestly, I want to know. So please feel free to contact me about this.


  1. We are working on it asap, dealing with many big corporations and partnerships around the world. Keep checking in the next week and I'm pretty sure you too will be able to see the movie, not just people in the US.

    -- GWIAB production team member

  2. That is good news :) I'm really looking forward to seeing it. also, I'm impressed with the quick answer here. thank you.