Happy Christmas your arse

It paid off whining about missing my dad the other day. Apparently, that got it out there and made room for christmas spirit inside me. Yesterday I made the biggest batch of Vanillekipferl I've ever made (still almost too precious to share), I also made egg nog, I made an apple pie that I froze because the apples were about to go, I have a batch of rum ball dough resting in my fridge that I'm planning on rolling tonight or tomorrow. It helped that one of my best friends in the world is in Vienna at the moment and kept me company while I was baking yesterday. We talked and laughed and got tipsy on warm egg nog and I had an overall awesome time. I love having her here, seeing her at my birthday and on Christmas. She's just one of those rare people that really get me. She's known me forever and she knows how I tick. She knows all my crazies and loves me anyway. And those people are few and far between. I can barely think of a handful even.

So I had a lovely time yesterday. And this morning I organized some Christmas music and am now listening to Fairytale of New York, which is inarguably one of the most wonderful Christmas songs of all time.

I'll have to go to work this afternoon, but theoretically this is my last shift til way after Christmas. And tomorrow we'll go buy our turkey and brine it and I'll get into figuring out how all the pots will share the oven on Christmas eve. And then it's cocktails for my birthday on the 23rd and Christmas for the lost kids (I have a couple of friends who are "familiarly" stranded and always welcome in our place) on the 24th.
Gosh I love Christmas, it's almost disgusting ;) Even the stress part of it is okay stress, because it's fucking Christmas.

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