Dear Me

The blogosphere can be a peer pressury, meme-laden, sometimes very annyoing place - as much as I love it (and hey, this is my third? fourth? blog). Once in a blue moon, however, something really interesting/great/inspiring comes along. One thing that's been going around among female bloggers is a letter to your 20-year old self. Apparently 22-year old blogger Cassie Boorn asked for other women's advice on life in form of a letter to their younger selves and has received a ton of replies.

I'm only 26-years old, but as ridiculous as this may sound to women who are older than me, being on the other side of 25, basically going on 30, has made me feel older and at least a little wiser than my 20-year old alter ego.


Dear Andie,

since I am a science fiction fan you will have no problem accepting that this letter comes to you from the future. But considering you haven't really gotten into science fiction yet - this might pose a problem after all. Don't worry for now, rest assured that as long as we don't meet face to face the world should be safe, at least according to some schools of thought.

So all's cool. Well, all except you, right? Don't worry, just because you aren't the regular kind of cool, the type that is widely recognised, that doesn't mean you suck. Not at all. You just haven't met the people who think you're cool yet. Or some you already know but they'll need time to realise how awesome you are. And with some you are the one not realising how much they admire you with all your quirks. Because they do. You're a really lovable freak. Don't try to be un-freaky just to fit in with a certain crowd. It will make you love yourself less and it will take a long time to find yourself again.

In general, know when to rely on other people's advice and when to make your own decisions. Don't ask for other people's reassurance for each and every little decision you make. I know you're not doing that so much now, but if you don't watch out you'll become terribly indecisive.

Reconsider your "Run, don't walk"-approach to work. Learn to breathe. Learn to meditate. Find a sport you like (you could try tap dancing, I have an inkling that you could like that). Find balance in your life. If you don't watch out you're going to be completely burned out before you hit 27.

And don't worry if you haven't yet figured out what you want to do with your life. Be brave and follow your dreams though. Even if they scare the living shit out of you. Ah yes, and mabye less profanities sometimes?

Make room in your life when the right person comes along, even if the timing sucks and it means putting yourself in an uncomfortable position. She's absolutely worth it.

Try to stretch your muscles. You'll thank me for that when you won't go to bed with a backache every night.

What else is there? Tattoos really don't hurt much, it's more like a scratchy feeling and can be a most profound experience. Learn to draw the line - even if it means closing doors in people's faces and you might have to cut some of them out of your life completely. It will be better for your health and sanity.

Oh and by the way, those stomach cramps you've been having? You're lactose intolerant and have IBS. Not a problem at all, just learn to treat yourself better and you'll be perfectly fine.

All in all: Relax. Find some calmness. Enjoy nature and enjoy people. Keep on loving the rain.

Yours You truly,


  1. This is a charming idea.

    You know this Brecht story where someone tells K. that he hasn't changed a bit? And K. says: "Oh" and pales...

    Anyway: welcome back to the blogging world. Blogging and telling something interesting yet not giving away too much of yourself as anyone can read it (it could be used against us even in 20 years when we are famous) is very difficult.

  2. Hi L.,

    to be honest, I've stopped bothering a bit about all those privacy issues. there's a lot to be found out about people who don't blog, who don't even know that they're "on the internet". So why freak about the info I willingly give on my blogs. But then I'm just not cut out for the public life like you are ;)